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The Unfolding Goddess ~ Maiden, Mother and Crone

Posted on March 28, 2016 at 11:40 PM


The Unfolding Goddess ~ Maiden, Mother and Crone
by -
Victoria Sikirdji

The feminine journey is an unfolding process into the awakening of the
Goddess inherent within. Through the richness of life experiences it
offers offers us the gifts of discovering who we are and
our place in this world as a woman.

Maiden Goddess

The Maiden Goddess journey is one that begins to unfold most dramatically when we start menstruation.  From this point on we step into the world of womanhood discovering a magical awakening with the changes happening in our bodies.  With each new occurrence a door opens taking us deeper into this process of discovery... we feel alive, juicy, excited and unstoppable with the adventure that lies before us.  Yet in the same breath, we feel uncertian, vulnerable and scared.  In this beginning phase of awakening to the Goddess within, life experiences have begun to take us into the underworld of ourselves, into the dark unknown aspects of the feminine psyche.  Our emotional body tends to rule our behavior and is blamed on the hormonal process.  Estoerically speaking this process is one in which we begin "cooking" in the cauldron from the fire of life experiences so that we can deepen the aspects of who we are and gain wisdom.  Metaphorically speaking you can also understand this process as a piece of coal getting pressed into producing the diamond that lies within.  Throughout this phase of learning and self-discovery we began as a bud then open to reveal the beautiful flower we have become.  

Mother Goddess

The Mother Goddess journey is one that begins to unfold when we give birth to a child.  For women who choose not to or cannot give birth to children their journey takes on a differnet meaning of "Mother" which could be reflected in their careers, or relationships with family members or friends.  In either aspect we move away from being self-absorbed in our own inner process of life and step into the role of a more selfless giving in service to others.  We discover what it means to nurture, care, protect and love another human being or career project with the ferociousness of a Mother lion and the worry of a Mother hen.  The meaning of our lives takes on a bigger picture, one that can include providing a home and food for those we love.  Our sexuality also becomes richer and personal relationships more intimate.  In this phase of awakening the Goddess within our wisdom deepens as our love, compassion and service to others deepens.  The embers from the fires of life are being cultivated from deep within the feminine psyche and we are beginning to glow.

Crone Goddess

The Crone Goddess journey is one that begins to unfold when we enter into menopause.  Our capability of monthly bleeding and birthing children has ceased.  Esoterically speaking, we are now holding and containing our power rather than losing it or giving it away.  We are also experiencing a change in our hormones with is reflected in our emotional and physical bodies.  We are beginning to observe our skin wrinkling, hair greying and the slowing down of our physical energy.  Yet we are also observing the deeper wisdom that we have attained from life experiences and now reap the benefits of the "cooking" we did throughout our lives.  We feel more self-assured and have a deeper contentment of being.  We no longer concern ourselves with what others think about us because we "know" who we are.  In this phase of awakening the Goddess within our spirituality has now become our life's path, the veils are thinner and we experience the richness of life in a deeper more meaningful way.  We have become the matriarchs, the wise elders and offer the experiences we have learned and gained from our life lessons as a teaching to the younger generations.

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