Goddess Rising Perfumes

          Awakens the Goddess in Every Woman!  

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Goddess Rising Perfumes and Body Care Products
are Hand-Crafted Proprietary Blends using 
Organic and Natural Ingredients made with 100%
Pure Essential Oils and 
the Principles of Aromatherapy.

My Products are uniquely formulated with the intention of
providing a Pure and Natural Product that enhances and
supports the physical and emotional well-being 
and good health of the individual. 

The philosophy behind my Products is to love, honor and care
for our bodies thus giving Rise to the Goddess within.

Experience my exquisite Perfumes and Body Care Products
for yourself, and feel the Goddess Rising in you!

Aromatherapy is a nautral Healing Art that utilizes the scents
of Essential Oils to promote well-being. The simple act of
smelling an Essential Oil can up lift the spirit and
positively change feelings and outlooks.

Goddess Rising Perfumes began in 2002 designing perfumes using synthetic fragrance oils. 
Since 2009,  I use ONLY Pure Essential Oils in all of my Perfume designs. 
Please note that the Perfume Fragrances on this web site are different from the "original" line.