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Beloved Perfume Card


New Lower Price 2021 - Previously $14.50

~ Rose ~

 Beloved Essential Oil Perfume is the heavenly and timeless fragrance of Roses.  Throughout history the scent of the Rose is associated with the
Realms of Saints and Angels. 

It has been said in Greek mythology that the first Rose bloomed with the arrival of Venus the Goddess of Love.

The fragrance of Rose promotes Love, Mercy,
Compassion, Hope and Paience. 

Beloved raises Spiritual Consciousness through
the Awareness of Divine Love.

" Like having Flowers in a bottle! "

1/16 oz. bottle contains:
100% Pure Essential Oil of Rose Absolute
in an Organic Jojoba Oil base.

Each Perfume Card has a description of the individual fragrance and  comes in a clear plastic bag.

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