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Joyful Perfume Card



This specially formulated Esssential Oil Perfume blend captures the warm tones of Vanilla, combined with
the fresh scent of  Oranges and the heady
floral note of Ylang Ylang. 

This fragrance evokes warm memories, calms the
emotions, eases tension and frustration, dispels
anger and fear.

Promotes feelings of Safety, Comfort, Peace,
Self Confidence and Enthusiasm.

Joyful uplifts and revives the emotions, bringing forth
positive energy which Nourishes the Soul with Joy.

1/16 oz. bottle contains:
Pure Essential Oils of Vanilla, Ylang Ylang,
Sweet Orange...  in an Organic Jojoba Oil base.

Each Perfume Card has a description of the individual fragrance and  comes in a clear plastic bag.

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