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Pikake Perfume Card


New Lower Price 2021 - Previously $14.50

~ Jasmine ~

Pikake Essential Oil Perfume is the sensually
alluring floral scent of the Jasmine Sambac flower.

Throughout history this exotic floral scent has been revered for its Aphrodisiac Properties which Lift and Calm the Spirit, bringing forth a Euphoric State. 

Jasmine, also known as Pikake in Hawaii,
promotes Love, Sensuality and Creativity.

Pikake inspires one to Heightened Spiritual
Awareness and Enhanced Intuition.

" Like having Flowers in a bottle! "

1/16 oz. bottle contains:
Pure Essential Oil of Jasmine Sambac Absolute,  
in an Organic Jojoba Oil base.

Each Perfume Card has a description of the individual fragrance and  comes in a clear plastic bag.

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