Goddess Rising Perfumes

          Awakens the Goddess in Every Woman!  

Who We Are

Goddess Rising Perfumes was created and established in 2002 by Victoria Sikirdji. 

I had the unique idea of formulating perfumes, using the Principles of Aromatherapy, with the intention of designing each fragrance so that while wearing the Perfumes an awakening to higher feminine qualities is enhanced and promoted, thus assisting in the Rising of the Goddess inherent within each and every woman.

Since the inception of Goddess Rising Perfumes it has gone through many changes.  Back in the early days of my business I designed my perfumes using synthetic fragrance oils.  Then in 2009, I decided to reformulate my Perfumes and started using only the finest Pure Essential Oils  in all of my blends.   As a natural health practitioner I wanted to provide products that enhanced health and well-being by using only organic, natural ingredients and pure essential oils in my line.   In November 2015 I launched my  New Body Care line, which I had  been developing  for the previous two years.   The  desire  to continuously improve upon my original idea has brought more passion, love, joy and pride into my business. 

 In addition to owning my own business, I am a Practicing Herbalist and Flower Essence  Practioner.   My  background includes formal education in Traditional Chinese Medicine,  the study and practice of Herbal Medicine,  Flower Essence Therapy, Crystal and Gem Healing, and Aromatherapy.   I worked for "The Dragon's Den Herb Shop" in Makawao for 19 years offering my knowledge and services to the local community and to visitors on the Island.  

Resident of  Maui, Hawaii for 37 years 

* Photograph taken by Gary S. Savage

Why Us?

Goddess Rising Perfumes  and Body Care Products

 uses Organic and Natural Ingredients and  100% pure Essential Oils.  

All of my Products 
are Hand-Crafted Proprietary Blends that I have personally formulated and I make everything from scratch in small batches to ensure freshness.

My Perfumes and Body Care Products are safe, non-toxic,  and do not contain any artificial synthetic fragrances, alcohol,  harmful ingredients or preservatives.  They are  pure products to assure the health and well-being  of others and are suitable for fragrance sensitive individuals.